Lash larue

I spent most of my life in the law. I entered Harvard Law School in 1959, spend five years as a litigator in the US Marine Corps and the US Department of Justice, and then taught at Washington and Lee Law School until I retired in 2005. All of that adds up to 46 years in the law (plus some post-retirement gigs to help fill some special needs). As anyone can understand, that is a long time spent on legal matters.

Before I retired, I decided that I wanted a “second-life” in something other than the law. I have long been interested in art and photography. My wife and I have spent countless hours in galleries and museums, so I decided to devote my post-retirement life to photography. In the last decade of the 20th Century, I set out to learn more about photography. Since I retired, I have made photography my primary avocation.

I hope that my website shows that an old dog can learn new tricks.